Media Planning for a Data-Driven Future

Posted Mar 21, 2017

Media planners are often inundated with advice, often unsolicited. From taunts to be braver with new platforms to cajoling curiosity about technology, planners are constantly pushed to be more ambitious for their agencies and brands. Roadblocks to Innovation However, the reality is that time, budget, and client constraints can often hinder even the most sincere…

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Millennials Embrace In-App Shopping

Posted Mar 14, 2017

Buying products and services on a smartphone is becoming increasingly common. From swiftly ordering a Lyft or coffee to shopping for groceries or home goods, mobile devices have become both the wallet and shopping cart. However, which method of mobile shopping is preferred: purchasing in-app or through mobile web? Depending on who you ask —…

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Appiness and the Shifting UK Media Landscape

Posted Mar 7, 2017

Modern media is all about the interactive, the exciting, and the innovative. Isn’t it? People want content they can engage with in new ways and ad messaging that grabs and holds their attention. Preferably because it’s doing something more than just sitting on the page. Well, sort of…but not entirely. After all, while some thought…

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Captivating without Sound: New Mobile Advertising Study

Posted Feb 28, 2017

How often is your phone set to silent, or at least the media volume all the way down at 0? For many people it’s the case for the majority, if not the entirety, of the day. Whilst just a simple matter of preference or necessity for device owners, this trend poses a real challenge to…

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3 Ways Auto Brands are Leveraging Mobile-Only Creative

Posted Feb 21, 2017

As the mobile screen officially takes center stage in consumers’ lives, it is also becoming one of the central touch points during the car-buying process as well. From vehicle pricing and model comparisons to content like photo galleries, ratings and owner reviews – it’s all being consumed on mobile. More than half (53%) of automotive…

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From Paper to Mobile: The Transformation of Coupons

Posted Feb 14, 2017

For decades, advertisers have intrigued consumers with coupons. Although the format has changed over the years, the tactic — particularly with mobile coupons — is still as effective as ever. For decades, people have used coupons to cut household costs. Since the 1960s, families have been cutting coupons from the Sunday paper, ultimately hoping to add…

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New Survey: Viewers’ Mobile Behavior During the Big Game

Posted Jan 31, 2017

As millions of people across the United States prepare for Super Bowl VI this Sunday, so advertisers are ramping up. Whether they are finalizing their cross-screen campaigns to supplement their television buy or otherwise looking for additional ways to engage with viewers, there’s one important question: where will consumers’ eyes truly be during the game?…

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The Mobile Screen Time Crunch

Posted Jan 24, 2017

Time spent on mobile devices has been slowly overtaking other media for several years now, but as time on mobile devices increases, so too does the competition for the small screen. Recently, we wrote about the first half of mobile and app’s growing time as part of digital media consumption habits. The second half of…

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Don’t Recycle & Other Video Best Practices

Posted Jan 17, 2017

Captivating users on their most personal devices requires a different approach. Not only are things perceived differently on smaller screens, but the entire viewer experience and setting is different. These nuances are why we launched the Native Video Fund a couple years ago and analyzed over 11 billion ad impressions last year. Recently, eMarketer released…

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10 Fast Facts for the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary

Posted Jan 10, 2017

Ten years ago this week, Steve Jobs stood on stage at Macworld in San Francisco for the keynote address. It’s been ten years since that important day, and without that announcement, an entire industry would take who knows how many more years to build up than the explosion the iPhone catalyzed. The iPhone changed the way people used…

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