Grow Your Apps

Acquire high quality, loyal users at scale with the most trusted performance advertising partner in mobile

Grow Your Apps

Acquire high quality, loyal users at scale with the most trusted performance advertising partner in mobile

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AdColony works with over 85% of the top grossing apps on the iTunes App Store and Google Play store to help drive quality app installs at scale.

Our Instant-Play™ HD mobile video coupled with real-time campaign optimization and look-alike modeling delivers the kind of users you want, with a focus on maintaining a high return on ad spend.

Trusted Environments

Our direct SDK integrations with the world’s leading mobile publishers ensure your ads appear in premium, brand safe environments.

Meaningful Scale

We reach over 850 million unique users with billions of impressions every month, helping you achieve meaningful results at a large scale.

Quality Results

Leveraging post-install event data, our Core™ engine optimizes your campaigns around user lifetime value to drive a positive ROI.


Our proprietary technology is tailored to make your creative perform.

Instant-Play ™

AdColony’s proprietary Instant-Play™ technology enables crystal-clear, HD, & buffer-free ad delivery, providing a superior user experience & driving exceptional engagement.

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Core ™

The AdColony Core™ engine leverages machine-learning algorithms powered by real-time data to optimize campaigns, delivering meaningful return on ad spend.

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“We’ve been extremely pleased having AdColony as a trusted partner in driving user acquisition at quality and scale.  Their support and service is unparalleled and this has been true since we started the relationship over 3 years ago.  Quality, innovation, and results are all things we have come to expect from the entire team at AdColony”

Jimmy Lee
Media Lead

“AdColony is a trusted partner for TUNE. They are an organization full of smart people that are full of passion, and they’re ready to do anything marketers need to succeed.”

Peter Hamilton

“We rely on AdColony to deliver high quality results at scale. Their product innovation, campaign execution and team is best in class. AdColony is a trusted partner and we look forward to see them continue pushing the envelope in mobile video.”

Pete Staley
UA Manager

“AdColony has been a great partner.  We’ve seen great results for mutual customer campaigns by offering HD mobile video at a global scale while maximizing advertiser results with data driven optimization.”

Charles Manning

“We work with a number of partners at Gamesys and what separates AdColony, aside from great campaign performance is the amazing team. They are always quick to help and a are a real pleasure to deal with.”

James Gibson
Monetization & UA

We will always count on AdColony as a partner because they go above and beyond in delivering great results and building a long-term relationship. The Rovio-AdColony cooperation works because of 3 things: AdColony’s superior ad product, a large and diverse inventory of global users, and the best and most creative AM team we’ve ever worked with. We’ve had fun working with AdColony and the scale and quality that we were able to achieve with video ads are a big part of the UA team’s success at Rovio.”

An Vu
User Acquisition Lead

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