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Nielsen’s Mobile OCR: This Could Be an Industry Game-Changer

Posted Aug 11, 2014

Nielsen’s Mobile OCR: This Could Be a Mobile Ad Industry Game-Changer

For years, brands have used Nielsen ratings to understand the demographics of who’s watching what (and who’s seeing their ads).

If a 50-year-old Man in Nebraska tunes into Burn Notice every Friday night, theoretically, Nielsen knows. The same goes for the 22-year-old female watching The Real Housewives of New York in downtown Chicago. Nielsen knows! Now, after years of “close, but no cigar” parity, the mobile community has a similar vantage point for mobile video.

We get that this may not seem entirely new.

And on some levels, it’s not.

Mobile advertisers have long been able to understand user demographics by monitoring basic behaviors like clicks, site visits and purchases. Oh, and cookies … but with limitations.

While first party cookies have been available for the mobile Web, traditional cookie support has been virtually non-existent in mobile apps. And with the majority of consumer time-spent on mobile taking place in apps, the ability to better target and understand audiences across the app ecosystem is crucial.

There are a number of innovative third-party providers working to solve audience targeting and segm
enting across apps – but video advertisers have been particularly vocal about their need for tools that help them reach users with the same simplicity and science that they’ve become accustomed to with TV.

Introducing Mobile in Nielsen Online Campaign Ratingsn-MOBILE-PHONE-large570

The new mobile in Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (mOCR for short) product ups the ante when it comes to mobile audience reporting. Through a partnership with Facebook, Nielsen is now able to collect precise demographic info on mobile device users, along with standard details like impression counts, completed video views and clicks.

Additionally, mOCR are far-reaching across devices – giving advertisers data from user behavior across computers, tablets and smartphones. Hooray for finally knowing that you’ve truly reached the full digital audience!

Not surprisingly, the mOCR news has gained the interest of significant media companies, ad networks, agencies and platforms. AdColony is no exception, and now that Nielsen has cleared us as a mobile-OCR ready publisher/vendor, we’re ready to test the capability with our brand and agency partners.

The Perks

We’re very excited about the future benefits of mOCR – and not just because we’re almost always excited.

We think mOCR is a bonafide game changer. Mobile advertisers will now have access to third-party evidence that they’re reaching their target demographics, something we think has the potential to inspire even greater investments in mobile from brand advertisers, in particular. Advertisers can now tailor their campaigns accordingly, which is a recipe for confidence, accuracy and success.

More than anything, the mOCR product helps truly demonstrate the benefits and power of mobile video advertising. And while we’ve been riding that wave for a while, we’re happy to welcome advertisers that have been hesitant to jump on board, too.

Image source: Huffington Post

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