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Four Ways Apple Will Transform Mobile Marketing (Again): The 9/9 Event Recap

Posted Sep 10, 2014

Bigger screens. Better graphics for mobile apps. Mobile payments redefined. Oh … and a kick-ass wearable …apple iwatch

Apple surprised and delighted (as usual) during its latest launch event.

And while you’ll find recaps on various tech, mobile and gaming blogs, check out our CEO Will Kassoy’s quick take how Apple’s newest product developments will specifically impact the mobile marketing ecosystem. 


1. Larger screen size & HD Retina resolution will lead to more video content and will continue to support TV-like ad experiences on mobile devices.

Bigger, higher resolution screens are a great philosophical validation of what we stand for in mobile: the highest quality video and highest impact user experience.
We think bigger screens with even better resolution will translation to more content consumption and more immersive mobile experiences. As trends indicate, this uptick in content consumption will be primarily video based. Better videos with more pixels and stunning HD picture will allow for even deeper messages and experiences from brands

From a company perspective, Apple’s new products and innovations validate AdColony’s decision over the years to have a laser focus on HD video, which has positioned us well for this shift to bigger screens and higher resolution content. It’s an amazing philosophical fit — consumers deserve beautiful, razor-sharp, immersive experiences on their devices, and we can’t wait to see how marketers take advantage of this across video and rich media.

2. Metal will increase the production value of apps in a dramatic way; it will help grow content consumption and further establish the mobile platform as the true first screen for consumers.

The next generation of apps is here. My prediction is the amazing app production values enabled by Metal and delivered on these new devices will deliver unprecedented experiences to captivate the mobile generation, making apps an even bigger centerpiece of our lives. 

Apple’s Metal will continue to make iPhones and iPads high-performance mobile platforms of choice. Metal will make apps even faster and more immersive. Apps with even greater performance at higher frame rates from the best developers in the world will create better app experiences for consumers, propelling the ecosystem forward once again.

3. Apple Pay opens the door to the next generation of marketing, allowing brands to go from top-of-the-funnel marketing to purchase, closing the marketing funnel.

Apple Pay is not just the next generation of payments; it’s the next generation of marketing.

Apple Pay gives brands the ability to close the marketing loop, all on one device. It’s true end-to-end marketing on mobile. The mobile marketing funnel starts with making a connection with a product or brand on your mobile device and now ends with choosing to make a purchase in a secure way either directly on your device or in the store itself at the cash register with the tap of your device. You’re moving consumers from awareness to consideration/engagement and now, with Apple Pay, it opens the door to actual purchase all with one seamless device experience.

Apple Pay is a great example of the future of marketing, where brands can drive more attribution of their paid media to purchase and ROI. For consumers, it enables an efficient way to manage their purchasing decisions in a secure, private way.

We’re excited to work with leading brands and agencies to leverage their creative and activate it across the app ecosystem with Apple Pay. We can’t wait to innovate on this new capability for tying together the power of TV with the interactivity of mobile. The creative brand tie-ins for Apple Pay and next-gen attribution advertising are endless.

4. Apple Watch – we look forward to buying it and seeing how things develop

Apple Watch may be consumers’ most personal device yet. They look gorgeous, and we can’t wait to buy one.


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