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Posted Jan 26, 2015

Welcome to This Week in Mobile, AdColony’s look at what’s happening in the mobile landscape, from new devices and app launches to breaking news and industry trends. This week, we are taking a look at how ComScore is improving cross-screen insights, how choose-your-own-adventure video mashes with mobile games, and a sneak peek at Windows 10 Mobile.

ComScore Improves Cross-Screen Insights
While mobile video performance advertisers enjoy robust reporting, brand advertisers running cross-platform campaigns have often found themselves in a data haze. To address this issue, ComScore recently announced the launch of their Video Metrix Multi-Platform tool that will measure video audiences across devices.

The new platform uses methodology and data from the Media Metrix Multi-Platform, Mobile Metrix, and Video Metrix to “deliver a single, unduplicated metric for digital video audiences across all platforms.”

Wall Street Journal writer Mike Shields notes that this new cross-platform tracking capability could be “particularly valuable to media companies” targeting millennial audiences, as these users “consume more video on mobile devices.”

Of course, this is particularly exciting news, as it may offer more insight in 2015 into the effect and uplift mobile video campaigns when part of a cross-screen campaign.

Goosebumps for Video
Fans of choose-your-own-adventure books have reason to celebrate, as a recent project by Tom Antos shows the innate joy of mixing mobile games, video, and interactivity:

The video turns a popular mobile game Angry Birds into a short form choose-your-own-adventure film. As the viewer discovers in the closing scene, the mobile game turned video has evolved back into a game by utilizing on-screen annotations. This, of course, drives the viewer to start over once again.

Similar to the dynamic end cards seen at the end of leading mobile video advertisements, this fan creation is a testament to the fun made possible when mobile games and video meet.

windows-10-mobileWindows 10 Mobile Unveiled
Recently, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, including how will look and feel on a smartphone. Designed to run on ARM processors, mobile Windows 10 hopes to combine the best elements of Windows RT and Windows Phone.

While the official release date for Windows 10 on desktop has not yet been announced, Terry Myerson, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group stated that the mobile release will come “after the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.”

NFL optimism aside, Windows 10 Mobile is slated to release sometime in February.

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