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Posted Feb 2, 2015

This week in mobile, we are taking a look at mobile games to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial, brands who successfully activated through social and mobile during the big game, and the latest trends in user acquisition.

A Particular Set of . . . Commercials
Yesterday, mobile games were on the national spotlight as Clash of Clans and Game of War debuted two new commercials during the Super Bowl. Drawing on Liam Neeson’s popularity in the “Taken” series of movies, the Clash of Clans spot captured both the fun gameplay and the everlasting desire to get revenge on opponents.

Of course, Clash of Clans isn’t the first mobile game to feature a celebrity to bring its game to life. MachineZone unveiled this new Game of War commercial featuring resident spokesperson Kate Upton:

Super Social Bowl
Super Bowl XLIX was the most tweeted Super Bowl ever, beating last year’s game with a record-breaking 28.4 million tweets during the broadcast. According to Twitter, the three key moments in Sunday night’s game were:

  • When Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass by Russell Wilson; 20 seconds before the game ended. (395,000 tweets per minute)
  • When the New England Patriots finally won the Super Bowl XLIX (379,000 tweets per minute)
  • Just after Katy Perry had finished her halftime performance (284,000 tweets per minute)

While the New England Patriots pulled off a comeback win for the ages, there were plenty of winners in the Twittersphere. This year we saw brands increasingly try and take advantage of real-time tweets on the platform, even if that meant sharing the spotlight with other brands. One of the best examples was McDonald’s, who tweeted about their favorite commercials and invited their followers to re-tweet to win a prize related to the ads (e.g. “That @VictoriasSecret ad was magical. RT and you could win a lovin’ $1,000 Victoria Secret gift card”).

After Budweiser’s #BestBuds ad ran, Lenovo tweeted “Hey @Budweiser – our puppy would like to be #bestbuds with your puppy. Call us? Let’s #breaktheinternet” and attached a heartwarming video. When New England’s Malcolm Butler picked off a pass by Russell Wilson at the goal line to win the game for the Patriots, Cheerios’ social team was equally as clutch.

Twitter and other social platforms were definitely huge for brands and consumers watching the Big Game with many of these interactions happening on mobile. We look forward to sharing some Super Bowl XLIX mobile stats in one of the next Mobile Mondays.

CPIs and the New UA Reality
Shifting away from the Super Bowl, a few new reports are shedding light on the latest trends in UA.

If it seems like it’s getting more expensive to acquire (and retain) high-quality app users, that’s because it is. Business Insider aggregated stats from a number of mobile players and found that CPIs on iOS were up nearly 60 percent year-over-year, and the cost of retaining highly-engaged users rose even higher.

While the launch of the iPhone 6 definitely contributed to last year’s surge, data from Fiksu suggests that the increasing CPIs may just be “the new reality of apps,”  suggesting that user acquisition strategies need to become far more sophisticated than just simple ad campaigns.

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