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Publisher Spotlight: Playrix

Posted Feb 13, 2015

Founded in 2004, Playrix is a mobile game developer. Since their inception, Playrix has published over 20 games, and their distributed team has grown to over 500 employees in 10 offices.

While Playrix is currently focused on free-to-play mobile games, they have also created games for PC, Mac, DS, and Wii.

The Games
With more than 20 games and over 300 million mobile app downloads, Playrix has quite the collection of franchises in their arsenal. Of these, Igor Elovikov, the Chief Creative Officer at Playrix, lists three favorites:

  • The Rise of Atlantis
  • Garedenscapes
  • Township

The Rise of Atlantis makes the list in part due to sentimental value, as this is the first project Elovikov worked on at Playrix. Gardenscapes was Playrix’s first venture into a hidden object game, which also happened to be “very successful commercially,” for the studio, earning it a spot on Elovikov’s list. Finally, Elovikov describes Township as “a completely new experience for the company development-wise,” which was incidentally also their first free-to-play hit.

Artistic Style & Inspiration
Download a few Playrix titles, and their vibrant and pleasant artistic style is quite noticeable. Elovikov describes it as “very joyful and very pretty,” noting the high attention to detail the artists have. Playrix’s goal in its artistic style is to create “a visually pleasing experience for the players, something they feel happy about and want to do again and again.”

To create this, the Playrix team draws inspiration from many visual sources, including games, art, movies, websites, and world travels.

Advice on Monetization
As a seasoned studio that has flourished over the last decade, we asked Playrix what advice they had to new studios who are thinking about monetizing their game. While Elovikov warned that there is no one universal law  or secret answer for achieving monetization success, he did offer this morsel of wisdom:

“Focus on the quality of your game first and make sure that users enjoy playing it. There are tons of ways to monetize a game and some would work better than the others depending on genres or in-game mechanics. But if you have a really great game that users want to play, monetization wouldn’t be that much of an issue.”

Biggest Lesson Learned
While the Playrix team has undoubtedly learned countless lessons in mobile game development over the last decade, Elovikov notes that the biggest pertains to the mobile development cycle:

“Our biggest lesson was that development never stops even once the game is launched. Quite the opposite, it requires more effort.”

This is quite different than the development cycle on other platforms, wherein once a game ships, it’s predominately finished aside from any day 1 or week 1 bug fix patches. After all, mobile users expect their apps to be well supported, updated, and refreshed regularly with new content.

Upcoming Games
While Playrix wouldn’t yet reveal the next projects they are working on, fans can expect to see new games in 2017.

Playrix on Social
Fans of Playrix games are encouraged to check out the Playrix Facebook page and follow @Playrix on Twitter.

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