How Age Ratings Affect UA Campaigns

Posted Feb 19, 2015

Publishers with active UA campaigns are always looking for ways to reach and convert their target audiences. However, many publishers may be missing out on valuable impressions due to their age ratings.

The Mature Rating Impact
For instance, on the AdColony network, 61% of iOS and 51% of Android CVVs are on apps that prohibit video campaigns for apps rated 17+. Thus, if your app is meant for all ages but incorrectly has an age rating of 17+ listed, you might only be reaching 39% of your potential audience.

To put this in perspective, based on US census data and smartphone saturation, that’s approximately 27.9 million 18-35 year olds who won’t see the campaign, all because the app is incorrectly flagged as 17+.

The Teen Rating Impact
Similarly, 18% of iOS and 15% of Android video CVVs are on apps that prohibit ads for apps rated 13+. Thus, if your game is incorrectly flagged as 13+, you may be missing up to one fifth of your potential audience, many of which are adults using apps appropriate for all ages.

Correcting Age Ratings
Luckily, this can be easily fixed. Publishers are encouraged to double check the age ratings of existing apps on the App Store, Play Store, and across any advertising platforms they use.

Often, inconsistencies between app stores and advertising platforms can cause confusion as to how an app should be rated. When in doubt, check with each app store and advertiser network policy. How your app is flagged on one store or system may be different than another.

Looking forward, consider how small changes can affect your overall age rating and the ripple effect this will have on subsequent UA campaigns.

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