Winter Nights Highlights

Posted Feb 20, 2015

Next Stop: Russia
Fresh of the back of AdColony’s trip to Casual Connect Amsterdam, our EMEA team hopped onto a flight to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. The next stop was Winter Nights, another increasingly popular mobile industry event based in Russia.


Talent Hotspot
White Nights and Winter Nights are hosted in St. Petersburg and famous for attracting some brilliant talent – both from Eastern Europe and further afield. With over 2000 attendees across 25 countries, it’s a great opportunity for AdColony to chat and party with friends and partners in this beautiful part of the world.


Smooth Opera-tors
Our very own Sandra Ilyina (Sales Director, Opera Mediaworks) took to the stage on Day One with her talk on “Getting The Best Out Of Your Apps And Mobile Games.” It was great to see a responsive audience who were keen to pick Sandra’s brain about successful mobile game and app marketing tactics.

Getting Local
The great thing about Winter Nights is that it goes hard and fast – it ran for only two days (and started at 2pm local time) which meant that our team could network long into the night with fine food and strong local tipples!


Libations & Kings
Highlights included experiencing the sub-zero temperatures, drinking homemade Russian vodka, and catching up with Zeptolab who were buzzing with excitement in preparation for their new game launch, King Of Thieves.

The team also thoroughly enjoyed their dinner with Peter Hamilton, Leon Kasovsky, and Anya Sannikova from TUNE, Stanisav Sychenkov and Jane Anderson from Zepto Labs, Anton Volnykh from Playmous, Sandar Ilyina and Dmytro Lyulka from Opera Mediaworks and (last but not least), Jyri Partanen from Rovio. Let’s do it again next year!

Of course, a big thank you goes to Julia Lebedev and her team for putting on a great show this year.

PS : If you happen to be in the area, the homemade horseradish vodka comes highly recommended from the AdColony EMEA team.

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