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AdColony Video Performing 4.4x Better Than Other Mobile Ads

Posted Jun 2, 2015

According to a recent Global Online Advertising Index surveying top tier advertisers and data collected in a recent Digital Video Advertising Report by Business Insider, AdColony mobile video outperforms mobile video, social, and display CTR benchmarks by a sizable margin.

Reviewing the data, 2014 CTR across AdColony’s network was:

  • 344.1% higher than mobile display benchmarks
  • 151.7% higher than mobile social benchmarks
  • 39.54% higher than mobile video benchmarks

Attaining High CTRs
To attain high CTRs on mobile video campaigns, three elements are critical:  targeting, user experience, and driving engagement. With data driven look-alike targeting and Instant-Play™ HD video technology, AdColony has been able to drive industry leading, highly targeted video ads to the right users at the right moment.  With the right ad served, the next critical step to driving higher CTRs is to create an engaging experience. As Ashley Eckel of Mobile Marketer describes it:

“Today, much of the video content at advertisers’ disposal is what we would call passive or static content that does not invite audiences to lean in. This is great for TV since it is a passive device, but not so great on devices that consumers expect to interact with, such as tablets and mobile. That is why brands are increasingly integrating interactive elements into their mobile video ads. This increases users’ engagement with the content by transforming awareness of a product or service into tangible actions.”

To engage the user, AdColony mobile video ads feature dynamic end-cards to encourage interaction and create that lean-in experience, encouraging users to play a mini-game, install the app, download the coupon, sign up for a newsletter, add a season premiere to their calendar, or otherwise participate in a myriad of engagement options.

About the Data
Display and social benchmarks were determined by the 2015 Marin Global Advertising Index, which included advertisers who invested more than $7 billion in annualized ad spend in 2014. AdColony CTR reflects CTR over the same time period, and was compiled from internal network data. The mobile video CTR benchmark was provided by the Business Insider Digital Video Advertising Report published in April 2015.

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