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Scaling Native Ads to Increase Revenue

Posted Jun 30, 2015

As the demand for reaching users in-app increases, the need for publishers to facilitate native ads at scale within their apps becomes evermore important. After all, the publishers who are able to offer scalable native mobile ad placements within their apps will enjoy the greatest revenue growth from advertisers in search of this coveted inventory.

To address the need for native at scale, the Application Developers Alliance released “A Guide to Native Advertising:  How Scaling Native Ad Campaigns Can Increase Revenue.” In order to increase the performance and revenue of native ads, the guide offers the following key takeaways:

Increase Efficiency with Scale
Why is scaling native ads critical to their success? By scaling native ads, advertisers can more efficiently use their creative resources instead of making new creative for each app that the ad is placed into. As the Application Developers Alliance states:

“For app developers, the advantages of well-scaled native advertising are real. . . Simply put, app developers should care about scaling native because it increases native ads ability to contain costs and increasing revenue possibilities.”

Simply put, advertisers do not want to waste their time with one-off creatives. To appeal to more advertisers, publishers should consider integrating standardized native ad units within their apps.

Ensure Content is Relevant
According to research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, native ad creatives need to be relevant to the users of the app. As the guide describes it, “users appreciate in-feed sponsored content if it is relevant and trustworthy.” By connecting with an advertising network and mediation platform, publishers can drive increased advertising revenue by enabling better targeted ads within their apps.

For advertisers, creating content with the environment in mind is critical. For example, to help top brands and publishers craft relevant, break-through native advertising, AdColony launched the Native Video Fund earlier this year, which has seen strong results.

Consistency is Needed
In the guide, the Application Developer Alliance cited that inconsistencies in pricing can make it difficult to assess campaigns and plan budgets. While social publishers have their own pricing methods, these are valid within their single apps only. Similarly, many publishers who sell their own ad space often have varied formatting and pricing standards, making scaling campaigns within these limited environments challenging.

To maximize revenue potential, publishers should consider third party advertising solutions that provide more consistency for advertisers.

Turning to a Partner
To avoid the hassle of creating several iterations of the same creative to adhere to a myriad of ad specs, advertisers looking to scale their native campaigns typically turn to platforms that offer native ad units across a wide network of apps.

With consistent ad specs, reliable viewability standards, and technology designed to captivate consumers, advertisers can more effectively scale their native ads to reach their desired audiences in a cost effective manner. To attract these advertisers, publishers need simply to select advertising networks best suited for the ad units they are looking to implement within their apps.

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