State of Mobile Advertising: Q2 Highlights

Posted Jul 28, 2015

This morning, Opera Mediaworks released the 2015 Q2 edition of The State of Mobile Advertising Report. To offer a few highlights, this article will review how video is driving ad monetization efficiency, which publishers are best monetizing their users, where users are consuming the most mobile content, and which countries are best leveraging video.

Mobile Video Drives Revenue Efficiency on iOS
While Android currently generates nearly 3x the traffic of iOS devices, revenue share between the two was nearly identical. Specifically, Android generated 63.72% of traffic and 47.66% of revenue, whereas iOS generated 21.74% of traffic and 47.16% of revenue.

From this data, it is clear that iOS impressions are better monetized than Android. So what is causing this? Traffic and revenue share by device for all forms of video advertising may offer a clue:

2015 Q2 SMA.002

According to this data, while iOS accounted for only 21.74% of overall traffic, it accounted for 55.15% of all video ad impressions. This translated to 66.65% of all video ad revenue.

Simply, ad monetization per impression was nearly 3x as effective on the platform that leverages the most mobile video relative to other ad formats, which is not at all surprising given the higher eCPMs of mobile video relative to other ad formats.

Most Efficient Monetizers
Reviewing data for the traffic and revenue share by publisher category, it is clear that games app publishers are the most efficient at monetizing their users, followed by News, media, and productivity app publishers:

2015 Q2 SMA.003

Specifically, game publishers monetize their traffic 2.7x more effectively than benchmarks, and 4.8x more effective than social.

2015 Q2 SMA.004

From this data, it is also evident that creators of Sports apps have quite a bit of catching up to do with respect to ad monetization efficiency.

Apps Dominate, Particularly in the US
At a global level, apps claim the majority of mobile impressions and dominate mobile revenue.

2015 Q2 SMA.005

In the United States, user preference for in-app experiences is even stronger, with 91% of mobile traffic occurring in-app.

2015 Q2 SMA.006

Top Countries for Video Advertising 
Although Americans spend 91% of their mobile time in-app, the United States is not the top consumer of mobile video relative to the total number of ads served. Rather, Australia, Japan, and Germany top the chart.

2015 Q2 SMA.007

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