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Mobile Monday: FCC for Hotspots, Cortana for Android, and Hydrogen for Phones

Posted Aug 24, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at what a recent FCC ruling will mean for convention connectivity, how to get Cortana for your android phone, and what hydrogen fuel cells will mean mobile for battery life.

Victory for Mobile Usage at Conventions
Frequenters of convention halls have reason to rejoice this week as the FCC slapped a convention Wi-Fi firm $750,000 for blocking personal hotspots at numerous convention venues.

The firm, which charged users as much as $80 per day for using their Wi-Fi, was admonished for blocking users’ personal hotspot connections as a means of trying to force users to pay the exorbitant rates.

The ruling is a victory for mobile users at conventions everywhere, as the FCC is expected to crack down on similar practices throughout the country.

Cortana for Android
At long last, Microsoft has released a public beta of Cortana for Android. Previously only available through Microsoft devices (ie: XBox One, etc), Cortana is Microsoft’s equivalent of Siri, but with a dash of gaming nostalgia originating in the Halo series of games where she was first seen as an AI within the game.

Beloved by many Halo fans (and the author of this article), Microsoft’s release of Cortana for Android is aimed to improve cross-device user experience for Android users who also use Windows 10 PCs.

To test out Cortana for Android, users need to first become a beta tester on the Google Play store.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Mobile Phones
As users spend an increasing amount of time on their mobile phones every day, battery demands always seem to just outpace the batteries themselves. However, UK tech company Intelligent Energy may have just made a breakthrough in mobile phone battery technology:  hydrogen fuel cells.

The company modified an iPhone 6 with a custom hydrogen fuel cell that boasts it can withstand a week of chatting, email, games, social feeds, and cat videos. While this is an exciting breakthrough for mobile devices, the prototype is still a few years away from mass production.

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