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Mobile Monday: iPhone6S, Pokémon Go, and VR as a Game Design Tool

Posted Sep 14, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at how Apple may be improving mobile game performance, how Pokémon Go is redefining mobile gaming, and how one Disney artist is exploring a new way to use virtual reality as a game design tool.

Smoother Gameplay Anticipated on iPhone 6S
According to data released by London-based developer Hamza Sood, mobile users may soon enjoy a smoother gaming experience on their iPhone.  By tapping into asset catalogs for the new iPhone 6S, Sood confirmed that the 6S will feature double the RAM of the 6, a jump from 1GB to 2GB.

Perhaps this additional RAM will come in handy when we’re running through parks attempting to catch Mewto. . .


The Truly Mobile Pokémon Go
Often, mobile games are played while we’re already on the movie:  on a bus, in a car (ideally not while driving), or walking to school, work, or the store. However, Nintendo’s next mobile game (in partnership with the Pokémon Company and Niantic, Inc) may very well cause us to get out and move around. In the true spirit of catching Pokémon out in the wild, Pokémon Go will send users out in the world to collect Pokémon only available in specific real world locations.

Leveraging a Pokéball device, augmented reality, geolocation tools, triggered events, and real life battles, Pokemon Go truly is bringing a new meaning to the word mobile gaming.

VR for Game Designers
While mobile gamers and Pokémon fans may be excited for the future of augmented reality, game designers may have found a new, practical purpose for virtual reality:  getting inside the levels they are designing and working from within. Disney animator Glen Keane recently used VR to create 3D art, and the results were stunning.

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