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Mobile Monday: Bendable Screens and Upgradeable Phones

Posted Sep 28, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at how Polyera’s Wove display will reshape our perception of smartwatches and how Fairphone is working to make our phones a bit more ethical.

Polyera’s Bendable Wove Display
Would-be smartphone wearers who are disappointed in the current limited screen size of wearables may soon have reason to celebrate:  Polyera has developed a truly bendable digital display that will be implemented on a new smartwatch this fall. The Wove flexible display wraps around the band of the watch, maximizing total display area and providing 4 “composition” regions where users can display different content.

Of course, Polyera isn’t the first company to develop a flexible display. Samsung patented a flexible phone & watch hybrid earlier this year, but it is unlikely it will be available any time soon.

In the interim, it will be most exciting to see what mobile app creators are able to develop for the Wove that takes advantage of its massive on-wrist display.

Fairphone’s Repairable Phone
Similar in spirit to Google’s Project Ara, Fairphone is a modular phone that allows users to easily repair, replace, and upgrade components. To illustrate the ease of repairing the Fairphone 2, the team recently asked users to intentionally drop the phone from ear height, repairing it on the spot if a component was damaged.


Fairphone creators launched the project out of a desire to create an ethical handset that limits use of conflict materials and reduces the waste of throwing out an entire phone just because one component is broken or needs to be upgraded.

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