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Millennials Most Receptive to Mobile & Video Advertising

Posted Oct 13, 2015

Establishing credibility with an audience is imperative for any advertising campaign. With the advanced audience segmentation made possible by mobile advertising platforms, it’s easier than ever for advertisers to target the users most receptive to their message. Thus, the question remains:  which age groups are most receptive to which advertising formats?

With respect to mobile and digital video advertising, the answer isn’t all too surprising:


According to this data from Nielsen and reported by Statista, Millennials are the age group most apt to trust mobile advertising. In fact, they are 2.4 times more trusting than the Silent Generation and 1.5x more trusting than Baby Boomers. Interestingly, they’ve also proven 14% more trusting than their younger counterparts, Generation Z.


With respect to digital video advertising in particular, Millennials and Generation Xers are equally trusting. Although Generation Z is more apt to trust digital video advertising than mobile as a whole, the group still trails behind Millenials.

Also notable is the trend across all age groups to be more trusting of digital video ads than mobile ads as a whole, suggesting that mobile video advertising enjoys the warmest reception of mobile ad formats.

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