Now Available: AdColony Android SDK Version 2.3 + Unity & Adobe Air Updates

Posted Oct 22, 2015

Version 2.3 of the AdColony Android SDK is now available for mobile app publishers. Like the iOS 2.6 SDK released a few weeks ago, this SDK update features performance optimizations designed to increase ad fill ― and thus revenue ― for early session impressions.

While the update is optional and supports Android 2.3.3+, all publishers are encouraged to integrate quickly to take advantage of the performance optimizations designed to improve early session revenue.

Unity & Adobe Air Updates
Additionally, an updated Unity SDK plugin and AdColony Adobe Air Native Extension are now available on the AdColony GitHub. These versions include support for both the AdColony iOS 2.6 SDK and the Android 2.3 SDK.

Upgrading to 2.3
The AdColony 2.3 Android SDK is a quick drag & drop update available via the AdColony GitHub. For additional assistance, the AdColony Android SDK Wiki provides answers to common inquiries, such as high level project setup guides.

Publishers who have questions about the SDK update or new Unity plugin are encouraged to reach out to their account manager or the AdColony Support Team.

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