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Mobile Monday: Improved HDR, Toshiba Sensors & Going GIF

Posted Oct 26, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re covering the latest in mobile video capture and sharing, from Quantum Film and the Toshiba sensors to the new Boomerang app designed for creating and sharing GIFs.

Quantum Film & Improved Mobile HDR
In 2010, InVisage Technologies revealed a new camera sensor designed for smartphones that it claimed could produce better HDR videos and pictures. At long last, the company has released a movie showing what is capable with their lens:


In essence, the technology strives to capture footage that looks like it was captured on traditional film, not digitally. For a deeper walkthrough on the tech, check out the writeup done by Andy Boxall on Digital Trends.

Sony to Snatch Toshiba Sensor Technology
According to Reuters and reporting by Jason Hahn, Sony might soon acquire Toshiba’s mobile camera sensor technology in an effort to further improve their camera tech. As mobile video capture and sharing becomes increasingly popular among users, the resultant camera improvements possible with this acquisition could bode well for future Nexus and Samsung phones. (The Samsung Galaxy smartphone utilizes Sony camera technology.)

GIF Creating App Boomerang Launched
In yet another testament to growing user demand to create and share forms of mobile video, Instagram recently released a new Boomerang app. The tool lets users turn five photos into a GIF and share it across social channels. Considering the dominance of Vines and growing popularity of the albeit difficult to create cinemagraphs, an automated GIF creation tool for mobile isn’t all too surprising, though it is most assuredly exciting.

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