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Mobile Monday: Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, Super Evil Megacorp & Zeptolab

Posted Nov 9, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are covering delays in an upcoming Nintendo mobile game, Activision’s acquisition of Candy Crush creator King, Super Evil Megacorp’s desire to foster the mobile LAN, and Zeptolab’s deal with Nazara Games.

Miitomo Delayed Until 2016
Recently, Nintendo revealed its upcoming mobile game Miitomo at a press briefing. Originally slated to release in late 2015, Nintendo announced that the game’s release has been pushed back to 2016 as internal focus shifts to making holiday deadlines for a few console titles.

Activision Blizzard Acquires King
Perhaps the largest mobile games story of last week, Activision Blizzard acquired Candy Crush creators King for $5.9 billion. While Activision Blizzard titles have topped console and PC gaming charts for two decades, mobile is a relatively new – albeit successful – venture for the gaming giant.

As Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a cross platform title with exceptional mobile play, releases yet another expansion this week, it’s not surprising that Activision Blizzard is seeking to dive further into mobile. King’s acquisition may also welcome an era of faster development cycles for their mobile titles.

Super Evil Megacorp & the Mobile LAN
While Super Evil Megacorp’s intentions to turn their mobile title Vainglory into an eSport is no surprise, a recent interview revealed their intentions to foster the emergence of the mobile, touchscreen LAN.

Just as gaming laptops (and mini tower PCs for those of us once enamored by those cubic cases) were once the greatest thing since sliced bread for gamers seeking to lug their machines to their friends’ houses to play games together, so Super Evil Megacorp’s COO Kristian Segerstrale feels mobile devices are the next logical evolution.

As Segerstrale told Austin Wood of GameZone:

“That competitive, fundamentally social experience with friends, playing a game with deep strategy, tactics and team play, as well as individual mechanical skill… We felt that that kind of game just simply wasn’t available on a touch screen. So when you think about what kind of experience Vainglory is designed for, it is really that.”

Zeptolab Partners with Nazara
Described as the “biggest mobile publishing deal in India,” Cut the Rope creators Zeptolab recently signed a multi-year deal with Nazara Games. With the partnership, Cut the Rope will be localized for the Indian market, a move that is anticipated to generate an additional 50 million downloads for the title — a testament to the power and importance of localization.

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