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Captivating Mobile Users: Video Ad Features That Intrigue by Age Group

Posted Nov 10, 2015

Captivating users is a challenge for any advertiser, and mobile is no exception. While there are numerous best practices to take into consideration for full screen and Instant-Feed™ native video placements, and UA experts tout the need for localization, there is yet another dimension to consider when customizing creatives for campaigns:  age.

According to a recent eMarketer report, the reasons users are apt to fully watch a digital video ad varies by age.


From this data, we see that leveraging humor in a video ad is the most effective way to appeal to users across all age genres, with entertaining ads being the second most effective  at reaching a broad audience.

Meanwhile, informative ads are most effective for users 30-44 and 60+, with a third of users in these age categories reporting being interested in more educational video ads. Young millennials, however, are the age group least likely to resonate with this type of advertisement.

The most noticeable age divide is found in ads that employ famous personalities in their ads, as users 18 to 29 are twice as likely to respond to these ads than any other age group. While one in four millennials are likely to fully watch an ad featuring an actor or actress they like, only 1 in 8 users over 45 reported similar behavior.

Ads that are targeted to specific user interests faired similarly across all age brackets, garnering interest of 30% of users 60 and younger, and 32% of users over 60.

Looking at this data another way, it’s clear that the younger age groups tend to be more easily captivated by various ad creative mechanisms. Removing users who professed they were not swayed to watch any type of video ad, young millennials were swayed by 50.4% of the ad mechanisms listed. Users 30-44 followed closely behind, selecting 48.4% of options on average. Meanwhile, users 45-60 were only swayed by 44.8% of ad options, and users over 60 were attracted to 46.7% of options.

The Impact for Advertisers
For advertisers, there are a few key takeaways from this data:

  • Leveraging humor is the safest option for campaigns meant to appeal to all ages.
  • Leveraging celebrities is best suited for campaigns targeting young millennials and falls flat with other age groups.
  • Entertaining ads are best suited for audiences under 45. For older audiences, focus in interests and information.
  • Informative creative works best with users 30-44 and 60+.
  • Targeting specific interests has consistent appeal across all age groups.
  • Users 60+ are the most difficult to captivate. Stick to humorous yet informative creative for this group.

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