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Mobile Monday: Video Streaming Improves while Project Astoria Withers

Posted Nov 16, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are covering improvements to mobile video streaming both in-flight and on the ground as well as what the withering of Project Astoria could mean for the app economy.

Improvements for In-Flight Video
As users increasingly turn to mobile devices for video consumption, demand for improved mobile video viewing in-flight as grown. While video streaming services have been traditionally blocked in-flight due to limited bandwidth, in-flight Wi-Fi provider GoGo is looking to change this. Their recently unveiled 2Ku satellite technology with up to 70 MBPS download speeds will support mobile video and audio streaming, allowing users to Netflix binge or watch silly cat videos on YouTube at 35,000 feet.

Unleashing Mobile Video
In another move to make mobile video streaming more accessible to users, T-Mobile recently unveiled its new program dubbed “Binge On” which will grant unlimited mobile video streaming when an optimized streaming mode is activated. The optimized streaming mode is purported to offer HD quality videos at one third of the data cost for T-Mobile.

Project Astoria Withers
Earlier this year, Microsoft announced an initiative codenamed Project Astoria that was aimed at making it easier for iOS and Android app developers to port their apps to Windows devices. However, As covered by Robert Nazarian, the Android forums for this project are veritable “ghost towns,” as Microsoft has since pulled support for the Android subsystem that made easy porting possible.

Meanwhile, porting for iOS apps remains unaffected, allowing at least some publishers the option to port to Windows Mobile. Nevertheless, the Windows app economy will undoubtedly suffer as publisher development cycles for the platform become that much more complicated.

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