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Mobile Ad Trends: Native, Programmatic & Video

Posted Dec 8, 2015

As digital ad spend continues to shift to mobile, so native mobile video and programmatic mobile video continue to grow. Of course, the increased interest in native mobile video isn’t all too surprising. As covered by eMarketer and released by comScore, native mobile video shows significant lift across multiple campaign KPIs:


From this data and the full study released by comScore, the effectiveness of Instant-Feed™ native mobile video is clear.

Stepping back to take broader look at mobile video and mobile advertising, according to the latest Mobile Advertising and Marketing Trends Roundup released by eMarketer, mobile ad spending is expected to more than double by 2019.


According to the report, mobile video is anticipated to grow to a $6.82 billion a year industry by 2019. This is a 145% growth over its 2015 run rate of $2.78 billion and makes it the mobile advertising category with the strongest growth through the period, as evidenced below:


Here, we see that mobile video ad spend will have a significantly stronger growth rate than mobile display or mobile search advertising in the coming years. As the market matures and mobile advertising budgets hit a solid stride by 2018, the next question is how advertisers will purchase this inventory.  According to additional data in the study, programmatic is pacing to be the method of choice:


To look at this data another way, mobile programmatic ad spend has surpassed desktop and is pacing to dwarf it in the coming years.


Of course, as more brands move to mobile at scale and mobile publishers embrace the optimized revenue RTB solutions offer, this shift toward programmatic is not all too surprising.

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