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Mobile Monday: Sensitive Devices and an End to iPhones in Rice Bowls

Posted Dec 14, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re examining a Tinder robot that just wants to hold your hand, the next Samsung phone to feature a pressure-sensitive screen, and Apple’s move to make iPhones waterproof.

Tinder Robot: Hold My Hand
If swiping to find a soul (or bunk) mate is too difficult, the True Love Tinder Robot might be for you. Created by NYU graduate student Nicole He, the device measures galvanic skin response to determine if the robot should swipe right or left. In short, it measures electricity in the skin that theoretically increases with interest in the subject.


While this is a grad school project, it does beg two questions: which mobile phone developer will be the first to deploy galvanic skin response technology into their devices, and how will mobile app publishers leverage it?

Samsung’s New Sensitive Screens
Until mobile devices know what we want from merely the electrical current under our skin, we’ll have to cope with mobile devices merely knowing how fervently we’re tapping the screens. Akin to the 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6S, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will also feature a pressure-sensitive screen.

Waterproofed iPhones
Every year, an unknown amount of rice is wasted as mobile phone owners attempt to draw out the moisture from their water-logged devices by placing said devices in bowls of rice. To spare the rice and uncross thousands of fingers daily, an Apple-filed patent for waterproofed iPhone ports was recently revealed.

While they wouldn’t be the first mobile phone developer to work on such technology (see: Samsung and Sony), a waterproofed iPhone would we a welcome development nonetheless.

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