Creative Showcase: Personalizing Puzzles with Best Fiends

Posted Jan 22, 2016

In this edition of Creative Showcase, we’re taking a look at how Seriously is driving installs and interest in their hit title Best Fiends by following a few key mobile advertising creative best practices.

Why It Works

Reviewing the creative above, we can spot several reasons why the spot is driving exceptional CTR and install rates:

  • 23 second duration
  • Prominent branding
  • Custom animations
  • Focus on characters
  • Explanatory text
  • Finger tapping

23 Second Duration
At 23 seconds, this ad creatives falls within the optimal duration range for apps of its genre.

Prominent Branding
By opening and closing the creative with the app’s logo clearly and prominently displayed, Seriously is able to leverage immediate and lasting brand recognition.

Custom Animations
The use of falling leaves as an overlay animation throughout the creative adds visual interest while enhancing immersion. At a basic level, the movement pulls the viewer’s attention around the screen, leading their eyes to both the in-app footage and the explanatory text. To retain user attention, the falling leaves provides continuity between shots.

Focus on Characters
Expressive characters that hop, spin, and otherwise react to the descriptive text and gameplay footage both personalize the puzzle game and pique the viewer’s interest. By personalizing the game in this way, Seriously is able to set their app apart from others in its category.

Explanatory Text
This creative leverages text to explain key facets of the app experience to viewers, such as the ability to collect cute characters and play with friends. By placing the text to either side of gameplay footage, these text callouts are able to inform without obscuring any of the action.

Finger Tapping
By showing a hand interacting directly with the gameplay, this creative gives users a clear understanding of what the gameplay experience will be like. After all, while the custom animations and personable characters against an immersive backdrop may give the sense of a casual RPG, it is important to remind players what the game is really about.

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