Creative Showcase: Ambient Effects and the Clash of Kings

Posted Jan 29, 2016

In this Creative Showcase, we are examining how Elex is able to drive installs for their mobile strategy game Clash of Kings through ambient effects, crescendoing text, and use of characters.

Why it Works:
This creative follows several mobile video ad best practices, including:

  • 21 second duration
  • crescendoing callouts
  • ambient effects
  • character close-ups
  • energetic, non-essential audio
  • prominent logo placement

Ambient Effects
Subtle weather effects, such as rain or clouds whirling in the middleground between the featured character and the gameplay footage, add depth and visual interest to the creative. Stormy weather and fire create a more dramatic mood, adding an emotional charge to the creative.

Crescendoing Callouts
The importance of text callouts to convey messaging in mobile advertising goes without dispute. What sets this creative apart is the crescendoing copy. Early on in the spot, viewers are asked to “build your castle.” As the ad progresses, so does the magnitude of the game activities, finally asking the viewer to “be a king.” (Yes, Elex also offers a mobile game entitled Clash of Queens.)

Character Closeups
In a strategy game with macro unit control, the care that goes into the details of small characters and units are often under appreciated in brief exposure to the content, such as during this 20 second ad. To highlight the artistic quality of the game, Elex employs large characters in the foreground. While they are not animated or otherwise exude personality, the addition of these elements lets the user know that the game is of high quality while allowing them to focus more on the text callouts.

Supplemental Audio
While the tempo of the audio adds to the overall suspense of battle conveyed in the creative, the message of the ad is completely understood without it. In this way, the audio is an optional enhancement to the creative without being needed to convey the story, an essential consideration when developing creative for mobile.

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