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AdColony Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday: Visual Editions, 5G Testing & Smaller Smartwatches

Posted Feb 15, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are examining the future of digital book publishing, how AT&T isn’t waiting for 5G standardization, and how Qualcomm is improving the faces— literally— of smartwatches.

Digital Only Books
Yet another homage to our desire for mobile content consumption, Visual Editions and Google have revealed their Editions at Play initiative. Described as a store that will “sell books that cannot be printed,” the animated and interactive books featured within are truly designed for digital consumption only.

5G Testing Begins
While digital books may be far from the most data demanding activity we partake in on our phones, our desire for 5G networks remains relentless. Although mobile 5G standards are still being determined, major providers are already moving forward with testing this year. While it’s long been known that Verizon would start testing this year for mobile 5G applications, AT&T recently announced its plans to begin testing for potential broadband internet applications.

Streamlining Wearables
While the major networks determine how to deliver 5G to our phones, device manufacturers are still trying to get smartwatches on our wrists. Alas, let’s face it: smartwatches are often clunky and not the most appealing tech to embrace. As best as they have tried to streamline their aesthetics or offer a myriad of face and band combinations to appeal to our stylistic senses, the faces themselves are often larger and heavier than whatever dumb watch it is replacing. To resolve this design conundrum, Qualcomm has developed a new chip that will help make smartwatches a bit slimmer.

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