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Top Publishers Reveal Latest App Install Marketing Trends

Posted Feb 18, 2016

With millions of mobile publishers vying for installs in increasingly competitive app markets, how are the the top apps able to grow and acquire high quality loyal users at scale? Which channels do they turn to, how do they target, and how meticulously do they optimize their campaigns? To find out, AdColony recently surveyed 100 top grossing mobile publishers, and the results are now available in this AdColony App Install Marketing Survey.


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While the full report features 30 pages of data, the top charts and takeaways are below.

AdColony App Install Marketing Survey

Compared to early 2015, top app install marketers have notably increased both their overall campaign budgets and the geos that they are targeting. While 78% tested new channels in the second half of 2015 (up from 63% in the Spring), 76% of top app install marketers are simultaneously investing more heavily in mobile video.

Of course, video isn’t the only area for growth. When asked where budgets had shifted in the second half of 2015, video, social, and programmatic were the top three responses.

AdColony App Install Marketing Survey

As a result, the average app install budget allocation of respondents has shifted to a near even split between social and video with other formats accounting for the remainder, as depicted below.

AdColony App Install Marketing Survey
Going beyond budget allocation, app install marketers were asked which formats they used in the latter half of 2015 to acquire users. Full screen video (97%), in-feed display (97%), interstitials (92%), traditional display (92%), and in-feed video (92%) led the pack.

AdColony App Install Marketing Survey

Not surprisingly, many of the most used channels were also considered the most effective. In fact, when asked which channels were very or most effective at meeting their campaign objectives, full screen video (93%), in-feed display (88%), and in-feed video (76%) were the top choices of respondents.


About the Survey
The 2H 2015 AdColony App Install Marketing Survey is the 5th iteration of the survey over the last 2 years. The survey consisted of 100 detailed questions and had a 60% survey response rate. Surveying the top 100 grossing app developers, 78% of respondents were mobile game developers, and 22% were app developers for non-gaming apps. They averaged a $1M monthly user acquisition ad spend.

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