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Mobile Monday: Hello Mobile RTS & Cyrcle, Farewell Astoria

Posted Feb 29, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re examining how PlayRaven is determined to bring a PC-dominated genre to mobile, exploring why Cyrcle is circular, and bidding a final farewell to Project Astoria.

PlayRaven & PC to Mobile
Last week, PlayRaven announced the release of Robocide, a micro real-time strategy mobile game. Yes, the RTS genre beloved by many PC gamers has made its way to mobile.

While RTS titles have traditionally demanded trigger like reflexes, a high quality mouse and a responsive keyboard, PlayRaven’s endeavor to create a mobile RTS that relies on touch interactivity is quite unique. As the company’s tagline is “fresh strategy games for touch screens,” expect additional RTS mobile titles from them in the future.

Cyrcle goes Circular with Devices
While the large screens with pressure-sensitive touch of today’s most popular mobile devices make games like Robocide more feasible, other mobile device developers are focused in an entirely different direction. Mobile device designer Dtoor recently unveiled Cyrcle, a round mobile phone.

If the company names seems awkward to pronounce, it’s because it’s actually an acronym for “designing the opposite of rectangle.” In this, founders Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa have certainly succeeded.

Astoria Shuts Down
After reducing support for its Android to Windows porting service for mobile developers late last year, Microsoft recently announced that it has shut down Project Astoria officially. While this is a setback for Android-first mobile publishers, Microsoft will still support their iOS to Windows bridge service.

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