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Mobile Monday: Poncho, a Decade of Pocket Gamer & More

Posted Mar 28, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at how memetastic app Poncho is taking native advertising to a new level, strolling down memory lane with Pocket Gamer, and recalling the top trends on everyone’s minds at GDC.

Native Partnerships with Poncho
The quest for making ad integrations more and more native is a never ending one for many mobile publishers, as is the search for millennials. Addressing both, digital weather service Poncho recently partnered with Mixmag, a music publisher, to showcase the native partnership potential of its endearing, meme-based clock and weather app.

Now, users can wake up to fresh music that also serves as promotion for the titles. Sneaky? Sure. Fun and effective? Absolutely.

10 Years of Pocket Gamer Antics
Congrats to Pocket Gamer for turning 10 this year! While many may have attended their birthday bash at GDC, the celebration and nostalgia continues on their website, where Harry Slater recently shared 10 weird stories from their 10 year history.

While 10 years in the industry is a veritable lifetime, if Pocket Gamer were a human, it would still be too young to play many of the thousands of games it has reviewed over the years. Granted, it’s questionable any age would prepare someone for BEEFWAR. (Yes, that was a thing.)

Mobile Marketing Minute: GDC
We promise: the GDC coverage is nearly over (for now). Armed with a camera, Audrey Cueto hit the conference floor to find out what everyone was talking about this year. Hint: two letters, no vowels. Check it out:


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