Mobile Monday: Miitomo Mania

Posted Apr 4, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re focusing on the latest sensation to sweep the app stores: Miitomo by Nintendo. Released on March 31st, Miitomo has already amassed millions of users and is topping the social networking category.

Closer to a social network than a game, Miitomo is the first mobile app developed by Nintendo. On the surface, a users first few minutes in Miitomo may feel like a mix of the character creation screen in an RPG and a MySpace survey sent by a new friend.

Beyond creating Miis and answering questions about their own interests, users connect with friends to engage in unique conversations, share photos, and other activities one would expect of a social network.  Currently, the app features a singular mini game dubbed Miitomo Drop wherein users can play to collect prizes.

Why It’s Catching On
So, what makes this Mii themed social networking app so unique and so catchy? Currently, its Miifoto, the wacky photo creation tool that has led to quite a few compilation articles and Reddit threads. (Word of caution: these threads are often NSFW.)

As Jonathan Ore of CBC News notes, Miitomo is dripping with “Nintendo trademark weirdness,” and is delivering it in a social manner.

Its Impact
While deviation from a clean, PG experience is possible, Miitomo does offer a relatively safe social engagement ecosystem. As Simon Parkin of Eurogamer notes, Miitomo is Nintendo’s endeavor to “clean up social media,” through curated discussions and content control.

How It Monetizes
While the app is dubbed “free to start,” it is hardly free. Many of the coveted items in the app require in-app currency referred to as Miitomo coins. While there are ways to earn and win currency, they are also available for sale.

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