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Apple Stock

Apple’s Slow Quarter is Good News for Publishers

Posted May 5, 2016

Apple’s disappointing earnings call last week has already generated a lot of discussion in the industry. For the first time in 13 years, Apple saw its revenues decline, mostly due to slower iPhone and iPad shipments. Apple’s stock prices took an appropriate and expected dip as well.

The silver lining to the bad news for shareholders is that the slower mobile device sales can actually imply a good thing for mobile game developers and publishers; By and large, people are satisfied with the ways they use their mobile iDevices – including games.

The fundamental need to upgrade every generation to the latest and greatest didn’t pull as many users for Apple as it has in the past. Publishers should see this satisfaction with devices and extrapolate it to player satisfaction with mobile gaming as a whole. Mobile gaming drives about 30 percent of all mobile revenue, after all.

It’s not just optimizing mobile games for the technology that’s already out there either, as one would assume.

As successful publishers have begun to understand player engagement and retention tools, they’ve also begun using ads and IAP strategies that benefit the user as well as themselves. Targeted ads, rewarded video, and demonstrating the value of IAP all have the opportunity to keep players satisfied with their games, apps, and their devices themselves.

More satisfied and engaged players means the need to seek out the latest and greatest tech diminishes. Why do they need better graphics when Clash Royale runs just as well on their current device?

The good news for Apple though is that game developers and publishers will continue to push the technology of new devices, and many users will embrace Apple’s next mobile technological leap. Things will bounce back in no time.

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