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Shuttering Impressions: Ad Block Usage to Double in Coming Years

Posted May 17, 2016

The prevalence of ad blockers for web browsing isn’t going away any time soon, and their use on mobile web is no exception. In fact, according to recent data published by Business Insider, ad block usage is expected to double by 2020.


Last year, 12% of total users avoided ads through the use of ad blockers. This year, that number is expected to reach 16%. By 2020, it is projected that 37% of users will use ad blockers to dodge web ads.

So what does this mean for publishers who rely on in-browser traffic to generate ad revenue? Simply put, they need to consider alternative monetization methods, as web ad blockers can no longer be ignored. Why? According to the same study, revenue loss from website display ads are expected to more than triple in the next few years.


Granted, the mobile-focused publishers will likely not see revenue losses increase at this rate. After all, many of them have already begun siphoning users to their mobile apps, where ads are safer. Meanwhile, even savvier publishers have rethought their mobile ad integrations to move beyond pop-up banner displays and integrate solutions that improve the overall user experience. Among these publishers, the most popular ad integration methods are:

  • video as a value exchange wherein users unlock access to premium content by watching an HD video ad
  • interstitial video wherein ads play before, during, or after non-video content at natural breaks in content consumption
  • pre, mid, and post roll video wherein videos play before, during, or after video content, providing a familiar, TV-like experience for users
  • in-feed native advertisements for feed-based environments

At a core level, ads as a value exchange is the most effective monetization method for publishers as it offers the most engaged and positive user experience. Instead of pushing ads to users at natural intervals, users pull the ads to gain access to even more content. This engaged experience not only is more enjoyable for users as it puts them in control, but it also elevates the perception of the publisher’s content as being something worthy of this ad gateway.

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