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Mobile Monday: Superman, Fruit Ninja, & Google Play Awards

Posted May 23, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re covering how Superman fans may soon enjoy a unique cross-platform experience, the next mobile developer to take their franchise to the silver screen, and the latest Google Play Award winners.

Superman & the Speed of Sound
If Pocket Gamer’s speculations are correct, E3 might include the unveiling of two new Superman games. Rocksteady is expected to reveal their progress on a new console Superman game. More interestingly, it’s anticipated that a supplemental mobile game will also be shown. In the mobile iteration, users will strive to unlock additional content & items in the console game. Thus, even when players are away from their televisions, they’ll be able to keep playing & engaging with the franchise.

Fruit Ninja Movie
As recently revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, a Fruit Ninja movie is in the works, suggesting that perhaps Rovio’s Angry Birds movie wasn’t an anomaly, but rather the beginning of a new wave of IP progression. Unlike Angry Birds, this movie is going to feature live action and is currently billed as a family comedy. Tripp Vinson of Vinson Films is partnering with Halfbrick Studios for the project. As the script is still in progress, it remains to be seen how Halfbrick turns their addictive, fruit-slashing game into a feature length story, but our interest is piqued nonetheless.

Google Play Awards
Last week, Google unveiled its 2016 Google Play award winners, which featured an interesting mix of apps, from games and finance to VR & travel. The apps that won are:

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