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Captivating the Senses: How Haptic Ads Improve Engagement

Posted Jun 9, 2016

Last year, we partnered with Immersion Technology to offer haptic-enabled video campaigns. Since then, quite a few brands and app marketers have leveraged the technology to captivate and engage mobile users. This morning, our parent company Opera Mediaworks unveiled the results of a few of these campaigns.

The results? Long story short, adding haptic feedback to mobile video ads captures user attention and increases the likeliness that they will engage with the creative. In particular, haptic-enabled campaigns delivered:

  • 59% increased likelihood that a user will replay an ad on tablets
  • 31% increased ad replays on smartphones
  • 28% higher CTR
  • 23% lift in brand sentiment
  • 10% increase in brand recall

For additional information on how haptic enabled campaigns have helped Fortune 500 brands surpass their campaign KPI targets, check out the Opera Mediaworks blog or the official announcement.

Why Haptic Works
For decades, the video game industry has been leveraging haptic feedback for to increase player immersion in their games. Meanwhile, offline advertisers have been using the sense of touch to appeal to consumers, from embossed mailers to alluring packaging curves or sleek material finishes. No longer limited to console controllers or a physical presence, mobile content creators can now leverage the same technology to captivate users and create an emotional connection.

As Sarah Bachman, VP of Mobile Strategy at Horizon Media puts it:

“The incredible response to our first ad enhanced with touch proved that haptic technology isn’t going away anytime soon. We’re looking forward to integrating the technology into future campaigns and exploring where else we can implement it on behalf of our clients.”

How Haptic Effects Work
TouchSense haptic technology simulates the feel of real world sensations with tactile effects on digital devices. The technology controls the vibration motor in mobile devices to create physical feedback with variable intensity, amplitude, frequency, and duration. This allows advertisers to create effects that can mirror a myriad of real-life sensations, from the thump of a beating heart or the rumble of a jet engine to the shaking of a cocktail or a crescendoing vibration that builds suspense for a movie trailer.

Enabling Haptic Video
Currently, haptic feedback is only available on Android. Publishers who wish to run haptic-enabled campaigns within their apps simply need to add the Armeabi library to their AdColony SDK integration and include the VIBRATE permission in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

Join the Conversation
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