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App Install Marketers Search for AdColony First

Posted Jun 17, 2016

In a report by Thalamus, a discovery and review platform for online advertising, AdColony was the number one most searched ad vendor by app install marketers. For ad vendor views, AdColony beat out Facebook and came out on top again, with our parent company Opera Mediaworks ranking at number 11.

The full infographic delves into the top searched companies by user acquisition managers, where AdColony reached number one, and by agency media planners, where Snapchat came out on top.

Thalamus looked at the data from over 150,000 searches and views performed every month on Thalamus’ database to create the report.

App install Searches

Thalamus said they were compelled to dig into their mountains of information to answer the question of “I wonder who they are buying from?”

“We set out to answer this once and for all by digging through search query, filter, and vendor click data to answer the question of who the most popular ad vendors are across the world,” Thalamus wrote in their blog announcing the news.

You can check out the full infographic on Thalamus’ blog post and search for AdColony on their easy to use platform.

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