Mobile Monday: Android iPhones & Dev Best Practices

Posted Jun 27, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at an iPhone case that runs Android and best practices for app development.

The Android Enabling iPhone Case
Anyone who is tired of hearing about Android versus iOS has both reason to celebrate and something in common with Nick Lee, the CTO of Tendigi. Recently, Tendigi revealed a new iPhone case that Lee had developed. When the case is connected to the iPhone, the user is able to switch over to running an Android OS on their device. Yep. Granted, the hardware is still too clunky for consumers, but it is quite an interesting proof of concept.

Best Practices for Mobile App Development
Recently, Curtis Franklin of Information Week shared what he believes to be 8 best practices for mobile app development.

A key practice he advocated for was understanding an app’s intended audience. For Franklin, this means more than an alpha test or a pre-development focus group. Rather, he stressed the importance of providing feedback mechanisms for users within the app and of actually paying attention to support logs. In a similar vein, listening to users — and not just those complaining through support threads — was listed as a top priority.

As for the development process, Franklin urges developers to focus on the core of the app first, which he defines as the “essential business function of your app.” While the temptation may be to flush out features or other front end matters, Franklin urges:

“Make sure that the app processing is rock solid, that the interface to the backend database is absolutely locked down, and that the results returned to the app are correct.”

After all, the performance of an app is important, and Franklin advises setting up tools and notifications to alert developers of any changes to their app’s performance.  Other best practices Franklin advocates for include security precautions, planning ahead, testing frequently, and planning for user connectivity issues.


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