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Getting Personal: The Trend Toward Custom Content

Posted Aug 9, 2016

To continuously captivate consumers, custom content is as crucial as the first 9 words of this sentence are alliterative. In April, survey results revealed that senior level marketers found content personalization and campaign targeting to be the most critical aspects of their marketing tactics.


This trend has only strengthened. Recently, another survey revealed that 95% of marketing professionals feel that data-driven personalization has become increasingly effective.


One reason for this trend may be found in the fact that users expect content to be personalized, and 35% expect apps to become more personalized in the near future. However, only 20% of US marketers are currently leveraging content personalization within their mobile app marketing campaigns.

What’s the cause? Previously, a lack of available content customization tools proved to be a roadblock. However, 76% marketers are at least moderately confident in the tools they have to customize their digital content. Alas, though they may be comfortable with the tools, they simply do not have the time or staff to execute.

Thus, one thing is clear: in-app customization tools must be user friendly and time efficient if mobile publishers are to keep up with user demand for personalized content.

Among those who are personalizing content for their users, a recent survey of 100 senior marketers in the US and Western Europe found that:

  • 69% extract data from loyalty programs to create relevant personalized offers.
  • 67% leverage behavior data to develop optimized & custom content based on insights and emotions
  • 64% use customer data to create customized content and offers on a channel-specific basis
  • 61% integrate customer data to create customized content across channels
  • 52% use demographic data to customize content

In good news, personalizing content and offers can be relatively painless within mobile apps, as customer touch points are all digital. Loyalty programs can be added as swiftly as any other SDK, and from there custom triggered messaging is only a dashboard away.

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