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AdColony Rated a Top Global Provider of Loyal Mobile Users

Posted Aug 10, 2016

User quality and retention is key for app install marketers, and the latest AppsFlyer Performance Index reveals that there are a few key partners who can be relied on to deliver highly retaining users across the globe, regardless of operating system or app genre. Examining the companies who ranked highly for user retention across platforms & app categories, the top companies are:

  1. Google
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. AdColony

This was calculated by combining global ranks for both gaming and non-gaming apps on IOS and Android. A more complete list is as follows:


Local vs Global
Interestingly, of the nearly 100 companies that made the cut on at least one region’s list, only these 14 placed globally for both gaming and non-gaming. Similarly, 40% of companies included in the study only placed highly in one of the four regions of focus (North America, Europe, APAC, and LATAM). Thus, while there may be regional favorites for a particular genre or on a particular platform, there are only a handful of user acquisition partners who can provide high quality users in a truly global manner. Regionally, AdColony was ranked as follows for user retention:

  • #1 in APAC for games on iOS
  • #4 in APAC for games on Android
  • #2 in North America for games on iOS
  • #4 in North America for games on Android
  • #4 in Europe for games on iOS
  • #7 in Europe for games on Android
  • #2 in LATAM for games on iOS
  • #7 in LATAM for games on Android

Driving High Retention
As our Creative Best Practices study indicated, providing a user with an interesting yet accurate perception of an app experience is crucial. As AppsFlyer notes in its report, “video delivers loyal users” as “when a player views a preview of a game, there are less surprises, leading to improved retention”.

Power Ranking
In addition to user retention, the AppsFlyer Performance Index also measured ability to provide these users at scale, which is indicated by their Power Ranking system. A top partner at scale, AdColony consistently ranked well across all regions. Of the providers who placed globally across app genres for both iOS and Android, AdColony was in the top 10.

Interestingly, of the 21 providers who ranked globally for games on both iOS and Android, only 15 similarly ranked for non-games. Similarly, of the 18 providers who ranked globally for non-games on both iOS and Android, only 13 ranked highly for games.

About the Index
The AppsFlyer performance index examines the user acquisition partners used on its platform, measuring both typical retention rates and overall volume driven.The H1 2016 AppsFlyer Performance Index examined over 4 billion app installs worldwide. With respect to user retention scores, the index considers 1, 7, and 30 day retention for each provider, weighting day 1 at 20%, day 7 at 30%, and day 30 at 50%.

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