Mobile Monday: Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016

Posted Sep 5, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are covering the top sessions taking place at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, a two-day mobile games conference held at the Wanha Satama exhibition center.

Day 1 Sessions
With Day 1 of the event underway, the sessions are already off to a great start. At 10am, Reginaldo Valadares, the Head of Production at Rovio Entertainment, took the stage to share what he considers to be the top 10 commandments of F2P.

Shortly thereafter, several industry locals took the stage for a panel discussing how publishers can drive player engagement.

At 11am, our very own Thorbjorn Warin gave a candid talk, sharing what really matters in growing app economies, from advanced monetization metrics and ways to increase IAP to user acquisition campaign best practices and the industry shenanigans to watch out for.

Over the noon hour, Simon Hade of Space Ape Games discussed how their flagship app makes 30 to 50% of its revenue from in-game events, sharing how the company will use these principles in other apps to improve monetization.

Day 2 Sessions
Tomorrow morning, Petri Järvilehto of Seriously will share how they’ve surfed the wave after an app’s meteoric rise to ensure longevity and survive the challenges that come with success.

Shortly before noon, Jeremy Gross of Twelve Squared Consulting will share questions that mobile developers should ask themselves, beginning with the age-old question of whether to self publisher or find a publisher.

During the noon hour, Philippe Desgranges and Nicolas Godement of Mana Cub, a Parisbased mobile gaming studio, will share how they delight players with amazing customer service. As user engagement and retention increasingly becomes a major focus for mobile publishers who are looking for mechanics to serve as their in-app brand ambassadors, so this session is highly recommended.

Later in the afternoon, Anders Lykke of Priori Data will examine the state of the app market, sharing app store trends and discussing what these trends mean for indie developers.

Finally, don’t miss Phillip Gladkov’s 3:50pm session discussing how Pixonic was able to turn around the company without any additional funding and grow their apps, generating $1.3 million in revenue per month.

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