Kate Onk, Sr. Performance Manager

AdColonized: Getting to Know Kate Onk

Posted Nov 10, 2016

Ever wonder why LeBron James chose Miami? Did you find it peculiar that he chose the Sunshine State just after Kate Onk chose to study Business Administration at Florida Southern College? While they both share similar journeys as Ohio-an’s turned Floridi-an’s, Kate, unlike Lebron, has gone on to have a successful career in data analytics and management.

Similar to LeBron, however, she’s made more than one crowd go wild watching her exceptional team-playing ability and standout leadership. While the applause may be mostly Slack-based, praise for Kate’s depth of her analyses and knack for communication is heard, in some form, by all. She’s so good at explaining things, in fact, that we asked her to tell her own story, in her own words. The ball’s in your court, Kate- you are officially AdColonized!

Kate reps her Cavs pride during the 2016 NBA playoffs in the midst of Warrior City.

What exactly does a Senior Performance Manager do at AdColony? What’s an average day like for you?
I primarily support the User Acquisition team with anything data related. That could vary between building Tableau reports, meeting with clients to explain trends, or digging into ways that a campaign can be optimized. I also communicate with the global UA teams to see how their best practices can be leveraged in North America from a reporting standpoint.

Data + Communication = Everything. Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony & how they’ve prepared you for your role here.
I’ve always had quasi technical roles, where one of the key skills was serving as a liaison between business units and technical resources to ensure alignment. My past roles have varied between project management and data analytics which has helped me to be agile in what I can tackle since joining AdColony.

Kate & Shadow taking a day off from data and floating in Castle Lake, California.

What made AdColony the right fit for you?
For me it was the perfect combination of the personalities on the team and the size of the organization. I could tell from my interviews that there would be a lot of opportunities for me to stretch my wings and see where my prior knowledge and work experience could take me. I also have the pleasure of working with a great group of people that I would call friends before coworkers.

How do you “stretch your wings” at AdColony?
I think it’s really important to build relationships with teams across the entire organization, I learn a lot by having lunch or even hallway conversations with those in a different department. We’re fortunate in the SF office to have individuals from UA, Pub and Product here, but everyone is so open and willing to help via Slack and Zoom in different offices.

The grin of happy labrador mix and beach lover Shadow, who Kate & her boyfriend rescued from a shelter almost two years ago.

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?
Almost 2 years ago my boyfriend and I rescued our dog Shadow from a rescue shelter, ever since then he’s been the highlight of everything! Most of my evenings and weekends are spent taking Shadow on hikes, he’s a very active dog and we love to explore everything California has to offer. My friends back home in Cleveland like to joke that my dog has been to more beaches than they have!

That looks like one happy pup! Away from Shadow, which app is keeping you engaged lately? Why?
1010! Is a puzzle game I’ve been hooked on lately. Ever since I got a high score for me (over 7,000) I can’t even come close again which drives me nuts…but keeps me coming back!

What’s one thing not many people know about you that you’re willing to share?
Shortly after I decided to go to college in Florida, LeBron James made his decision to ‘take his talents to South Beach’….I’m not saying he followed me there, but the timeline does paint that picture.

Bryce Nankervis drives the team down to LA for our 2016 off-site gathering. Eyes on the road, Bryce!

Very curious, LeBron. What’s it like to be a Cavs fan in a Warriors city?
It’s tough- especially watching the games and cheering in a public location. I think a lot of people tend to assume I’m just a fairweather fan that’s going against the crowd and cheering for the opposite team. I keep my old Ohio license on me just in case I really need to prove my loyalty!

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?
In March most of the SF team traveled down to LA for a company offsite. Instead of taking multiple Ubers – we opted to pile into an 10 passenger van Brady Bunch style to keep things interesting! We made a pit stop in Malibu for lunch and enjoyed the weather our LA team gets to enjoy on a daily basis!

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