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Mobile Monday: The Black Friday Shopping Shift

Posted Nov 28, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at the latest figures from Black Friday and what this means for major brands and retailers.

Mobile Shopping Surges
Over the last several years, analysts have discussed the effects of online shopping on brick & mortar demand on Black Fridays. Retailers tout phrases like “skip the line, shop online,” and some shoppers have begun to agree.

This year, early numbers suggest that online Black Friday sales numbers grew 11.3%. However, much of this growth came from mobile sales, which surged, growing 33% over last year. Due to this growth, mobile sales accounted for 36% of all digital sales this Black Friday.

The Conversion Gap
While the surge in mobile shopping on Black Friday is promising for retailers who have invested in their mobile experience through website overhauls and intuitive apps, a noticeable conversion gap between desktop and mobile remains. For instance, while desktop shopping accounted for 64% of digital sales on Friday, it only accounted for 45% of visits. Meanwhile, mobile drove an impressive 55% of visits, yet only closed on 64% of sales.

Based on this conversion gap, one thing is clear: mobile shopping experiences for many major retailers are still lagging, and further improvements are advisable. After all, if a channel can drive the majority of traffic to a brand or retailer’s site, one would expect that channel to also drive a majority of the sales.

In short, marketers are brilliantly driving exceptional traffic through mobile advertising. It’s now up to the UX teams to make sure that traffic is converted.

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