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Mobile Monday: Running for Content

Posted Dec 19, 2016

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at how Nintendo is managing expectations for its latest mobile title and how a new service is catering to mobile user’s insatiable desire for fresh content.

Running for Installs
When Nintendo accumulated over 5 million installs in 24 hours for its new mobile title Super Mario Run, news outlets were ablaze singing the app’s praises. However, the tone on the app store wasn’t the same, as users berated the app for the $9.99 post-install cost of unlocking all the content for the app.

While offering an app for free but requiring an in-app purchase to unlock more content is nothing new for mobile app publishers, the issue appears to lie in user demand for content. Currently, the game offers 3 levels for free, with the remaining 21 behind a paywall. A testament to the ever-increasing time users spend on their mobile devices, these 21 levels are not enough. However, no further content patches have been announced as of yet. Instead of waiting with abated breath, users are leaving poor reviews.

The moral of the story? To keep mobile users hooked and happy, provide a clear plan for content updates and more flexible options for unlocking premium content.

Introducing Hatch
Understanding that mobile users want a never ending supply of fresh content, Hatch recently introduced its new mobile app delivery service Hatch. In short, Hatch is like Netflix or Spotify for mobile games. As described in their announcement, the service will offer:

“an instant game collection on demand, carefully curated to provide the highest quality gaming experiences, from arcade classics to modern masterpiece”

The service boasts that it will deliver premium experiences without the need for in-app purchases, a promise that may be appealing to the mobile users who recently lambasted Nintendo for its $9.99 paywall. So how will they monetize? In the words of their site, “native ad solutions and high quality video placements” will be key. Currently, Hatch has agreements with a few rather notable publishers, including Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, Rovio, and numerous others.

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