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Posted Dec 21, 2016

In November, AdColony together with Adjust, a leading mobile attribution and analytics company, held a joint event in Singapore, bringing together creative mobile experts and veterans to discuss how user acquisition is more than just bringing new people to a product.

Centred around performance marketing and data, AdColony APAC Managing Director Vikas Gulati was part of a fireside chat with some of the creative minds of the mobile industry, including Kabeer Chaudhary, Regional Director for APAC at M&C Saatchi, Ryan Pham, Head of Online at EZBuy, Dianchen Yao, Mobile Marketing Manager at HonestBee, and John Sardelic, Managing Director AU/NZ & SEA at Adjust.


User acquisition today is about being able to measure the impact of efforts to grow an app’s user base. It is important that to choose the right partners, paying attention to valuable market insights at every stage of the acquisition process.

The first step in that process is for app owners need to know what information they want.

Getting the basics right
With so many apps’ ads competing for attention, some of the strategies to ensure an app stands out when driving user acquisitions include working with a suitable attribution platform, and figuring out your objectives in advance, as pointed out by Kabeer.

“Once you have your basics right, you can then focus your app strategies from a media perspective and from the perspective of attribution, to work out what data sets to capture as an app owner,” said Sardelic.

“If it’s an e-commerce client then maybe it’s add-to-basket, or if it’s a gaming app, looking at certain levels in the game.” Sardelic also added. “So, it’s about creating those data sets but also creating in such a way that you understand the user journey with your app, which is really important.”

All about data
Data is playing a very critical role in trying to understand who users are and what are they doing.

There’s so much data out there and it’s important for publishers to communicate to ad networks and agencies, and be able to say “These are our objectives,” and then work backwards towards them with the KPIs to be used.

However, as highlighted by Gulati, “Many clients are reluctant to share their data with media partners. If you don’t share, no way your media partners can improve the quality of buys, whatever your goal may be – retention rate, in-app purchase, etc.”

“As a media company, the way we work with our clients, the first step is obviously to look at installs. But the way we use machine learning is our ability to optimise towards any goal. You may be buying on cost-per-thousand (CPM), cost-per-completed-view (CPCV), or cost-per-install (CPI), but there’s always an end-goal that you can define, as long as you’re transparent about it and sharing your data,” Gulati added.

The discussion concluded with the panelists sharing their view on marketers top of mind selection when comes to user acquisition and mobile advertising.

They all agreed that video is and will continue to be the game-changer. There is so much of ongoing innovation – interactive videos, better quality, higher resolution videos, and video continues to be one of the key ways to engage your audience on mobile.

If you look at the amount of time users spend on mobile, 85% of media is consumed today on mobile phones. Surprisingly, only 5-8% of a brand’s marketing budget goes into mobile marketing.

One of the main reasons for that is the challenge marketers face today – to effectively engage users, and to be able to create those rich experiences. As a result, marketers need to continue to work towards creating an experience with video and rich media, to engage users at all levels.

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