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AdColonized: Getting to Know Shannon Ray

Posted Jan 5, 2017

Most people have lived in only one or two states, but there’s one AdColony team member who has lived in six! After growing up in Austin, Shannon earned her degree in Graphic Design at Auburn University. She gained a lot of invaluable experience at the web shop, carbonhouse, delivering web products for theatres, auditoriums, and concert halls. Some of her clients included the Staples Center in LA, the Barclays Center in New York, and the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

After working at the web shop, Shannon moved back to her home state of Texas and transitioned into the marketing retention company, Yvolver. Since the company’s acquisition by AdColony in 2015, she collaborates on the product design team. Let’s see how one product designer takes ideas and turns them into reality- time to get AdColonized Shannon!

What exactly does a Product Designer do? What’s an average day like for you?
Being part of Product, specifically the design team, we work on the interfaces of AdColony’s main offerings. Our big project at the moment is Apollo, which is the unification of the AdColony and AdMarvel platforms. My role in this project deals with the publishing side—setting up apps and inventory, etc., I also get to work on the design of Compass™!

An average day in the office starts with the Dallas team’s morning ‘stand up,’ where everyone shares what they’re working on to keep us current and collaborating. From there, I take my day online into Slack channels. The rest of the design team is based out of SF and LA, so being available and in touch is obviously important.

I do most of my work in a program called Sketch, taking the requirements put forward by our product managers and transforming them into designs Engineering can build. It’s pretty awesome that I get to envision the offerings of our company and help make them reality.

That sounds like a lot of fun, what made AdColony the right fit for you?
Really, all of my previous experiences helped build both my design and soft skills. From working with a few start ups, I learned to be resourceful and to take initiative which prepped me for life at AdColony. I wanted to pursue a career making web apps, so a design position on the product team was the perfect fit for me. AdColony also sports some of the smartest and most passionate people I’ve ever worked with, so that’s pretty worth mentioning.

We are glad to have you on board! How do you keep growing & learning in what you do?
I’m always reading and trying to stay on top of tech trends. I use a news feed aggregator called Panda which pulls in the latest Designer News and Dribbble shots to keep me inspired. I also keep an open conversation going with the development team. Every change in their field impacts what and how I do my work.

Besides work activities, what are your hobbies that you look forward to doing in the evenings or the weekends?
First and foremost, after work I like to go straight home for some quality cuddle time with my miniature aussie Remy, whether he wants it or not!

shannon and her dog
Remy and I celebrating America’s Independence! He puts up with me pretty well.

I do have to mention that the Dallas office, as a whole, is a bunch of nerds. We’re constantly ranting about TV shows, movies, board games, video games, or sci-fi books. I just read Ready Player One to keep up with all of their references.

Lastly, when we have the time, my husband and I like to travel. We actually just got back from an amazing trip to Japan last month! But also having lived in Texas, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Michigan, we stay on the move a good bit by just visiting friends and family.

Shannon in Japan
When we travel, we eat! Experiencing an Okonomiyaki in Japan (egg, cabbage, and noodle pancake)

As someone who works on applications, which app is keeping you engaged lately?
I am ALWAYS on Spotify. It’s hard for me to work without music going in the background. It helps clear my head so I can focus on the tasks in front of me. Right now, I’m listening to Air, Local Natives, and Chance the Rapper.

What’s one thing not many people know about you that you’re willing to share?
As of last week, I am an Aunt! I got to meet my brother’s daughter over the holiday, and now I plan to buy all of Amazon for her.

Shannon and niece
Meeting my niece for the first time was such a joy!

That’s amazing, congratulations! Now that you’ve been apart of our AdColony family for a bit, what has been your favorite moment so far?
My favorite moment was last year’s GDC. I worked the booth promoting Compass’ offerings with some of the Dallas team and got to meet several new people from other AdColony branches. This was early on in joining the company, so being in San Francisco with everyone was really exciting.

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