Creative Showcase: Wish

Posted Jan 20, 2017

In this week’s Creative Showcase, we’re taking a look at a shopping app that is driving app installs in droves with its well-designed mobile ad creatives.

Described on Bloomberg as an app that was “reinventing e-Commerce,” Wish is a shopping app that is designed to appeal to bargain hunters who find joy in getting great deals. This joy can be found in their mobile video ad creatives. Without further adieu, here’s the video:

Why It Works
So, why is this ad creative successful in driving user engagement? At a high level, it follows numerous mobile video creative best practices, including:

  • Strong branding at both open & close
  • Non-standard, 28 second duration
  • Impactful on-screen copy guides narrative
  • Audio enhances, but is not required
  • In-device footage to give realistic perspective
  • Well-paced & quick cuts
  • Close shots
  • Vibrant colors
  • Constant movement

While a 28-second ad creative is on the long end for non-standard times that deliver optimal click-through and conversion rates, the pacing of this ad creative is rather brilliant. Understanding that mobile users need to be hooked quickly to garner interest, the first third of the ad features as many unique scenes as the second half.

This creates an initial 8 seconds that are packed with both visual interest and information about the app. With the viewer’s interest now piqued, scenes change a bit more slowly moving forward, with transitions every 3 to 5 seconds for the remainder of the ad.

Visual Narrative
Understanding that many viewers might have their sound on low or muted, the narrative of this ad is conveyed entirely through visuals. Short on-screen copy calls out key features while animated in-device footage provides a preview of the app experience.

For instance, in the stills below, short phrases are used to convey the key features of the app while related in-app footage is shown alongside. What’s interesting here is that the phrases progress from least to most descriptive, from a vague “have fun” to a specific “90% off retail prices.”

While the phrase above isn’t specific to any features about the app, it animates nicely into a shopping cart that emits hearts. This coy animation provides meaning for the on-screen copy while also evoking a sense of shopping glee, a key feeling to entice viewers to install the app.

To specify what types of items a user can find on the app, next scene cycles through several product categories within the app with complementary copy. Jewelry, fashion, and electronics are all touted, providing the viewer with a sense of what the app has to offer.

As a final push to illicit an install, the next scene focuses on the deals available with on-screen copy promoting “up to 90% off retail prices” alongside product shots.

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