Mobile Monday: Distribution Dumps & the IAB’s New Chairman

Posted Jan 30, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re examining the pitfalls of third-party content distribution and what the new IAB chairman’s mission may mean for advertising reporting standards.

The Distribution Dump
While the appeal of syndicating content to third-party platforms for additional reach and ad revenue is appealing, a recent report suggests that it may serve as more of a content dump than a cash cow. In fact, according to the study by Digital Content Next, publishers who distribute their content on third-party social platforms only make 14% of their revenue from these sources.

The majority (84%) of these publishers even rely on their own monetization demand instead of the platform’s, making the platform’s contribution to total ad revenue all the more negligible.

The IAB’s Anti-Fraud Focus
On the advertiser side of things, the Interactive Advertising Burueau’s new chairman has his eyes set on combatting fraud. Jim Norton was appointed to the position of IAB chairman at the organization’s leadership summit earlier this month. During the meeting, Norton stressed the importance of weeding out “bad actors” who are fraudulent or proliferate fake news. According to coverage by AdWeek, Norton advised that advertisers should “prioritize their budgets on private marketplaces” to avoid the pitfalls of some of the untrustworthy open marketplaces.

Beyond advising publishers to be more selective with their advertising partners to suffocate the bad actors, Norton plans to overhaul the IAB’s measuring standards, with an emphasis on engagement metrics over pixel viewability. While this is an interesting turn for anyone keenly interested in viewability statistics for their campaigns, in the end, it’s all about measuring outcomes, not just impressions.

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