New Survey: Viewers’ Mobile Behavior During the Big Game

Posted Jan 31, 2017

As millions of people across the United States prepare for Super Bowl VI this Sunday, so advertisers are ramping up. Whether they are finalizing their cross-screen campaigns to supplement their television buy or otherwise looking for additional ways to engage with viewers, there’s one important question: where will consumers’ eyes truly be during the game?

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To answer, we surveyed over 900 consumers across the AdColony platform to understand both their interest in the game and what they’ll be doing Sunday afternoon. While results are available in our new study, here are a few highlights of note:

Narrow Gender Gap
Both the majority of women and men stated that they plan to tune-in to the game. In total, 72% of women and 88% of men surveyed will be watching.

Appealing to the Ages
While a majority of each age group will be watching, Centennials were the least likely to tune-in, followed by Millennials. Meanwhile, Baby Boomers and Generation X were the most likely to watch. This suggests that advertising on television alone may not be the best tactic for brands looking to reach younger audiences.

Multi-Device Viewing
While there is no doubt that television will be the go-to device for watching the game despite the growing prominence of cord-cutting, it is hardly the only device that viewers will be using to follow along. In fact, a majority will be watching on multiple devices, and 10% won’t use televisions at all.

Multitasking on Mobile
Of course, with multiple devices out, multitasking become inevitable. In fact, only 40% of viewers plan to give the game their focused attention. The majority of viewers admitted that they will likely be on their mobile devices, and that a majority of their time will go to playing mobile games, browsing social media, checking out news apps, and messaging their friends. As such, advertising in these app categories during the game is expected to provide additional opportunities for brands.

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