Creative Showcase: Jameson Caskmates

Posted Feb 2, 2017

When reinventing a classic product to appeal to new audiences, explaining the new features in an interesting way is often challenging for marketers, and doing so on mobile is no exception. In this week’s creative showcase, we’re taking a look at how Jameson is captivating mobile users with a new ad for its Jameson Caskmates line.

The AdColony sales, account, and creative teams collaborated with Jameson to drive awareness and consideration of Jameson Caskmates amongst craft beer drinkers who are open and favorable to Jameson. The teams were tasked with showing how Jameson Caskmates is a “product of curiosity and collaboration” in which the whiskey is finished in stout (beer) seasoned barrels.

The campaign ran across multiple formats, from rich media display and video to in-app instant-Play™ HD video. For this spotlight, we’re focusing on the Instant-Play™ HD video and dynamic end card creative execution.

The teams dovetailed the storytelling presented in the Jameson Caskmates video ad with an engaging, interactive mobile end card experience which allowed the user to uniquely experience the Caskmates story & process. After the video, the user was enticed to scroll through a unique dual-story experience that leveraged parallax animations to create both visual interest and narrative cohesion.

This experience showed two stories — the local beer brewery and the historic Jameson process — to show how these two products come together.

Across all ad formats, the overall eCTR for the campaign was 1.24%. The average time spent on the Instant-Play™ video dynamic end card was more than 10 seconds, and video completion rates were fantastic at over 94%.

Check out the campaign for yourself! From creative concepting with our Creative House to tapping mobile technologies, the campaign brought the Jameson Caskmates story to life. Cheers! Or as they say in Ireland, “sláinte.”


Why It Worked
In addition to bringing a product narrative to life in an engaging way, the ad creative followed a number of mobile advertising best practices, including:

  • Product close-ups. Several times throughout the creative, the Jameson bottle or liquid is shown in a tightly framed shot, guiding the viewer to focus on the most important element in the scene: the product.
  • Quick cuts. Understanding that it’s important to keep things moving to maintain viewer attention on mobile devices, there were 16 cuts in the 30 second spot.
  • Varying motion. In addition to the rapid transitions, the camera movement from shot to shot offered varying motion, tracking across at times and zooming inward at others. This helped keep viewers’ attention by guiding their eyes across the screen.
  • Product on-screen time. The bottle is seen for a total of 10 seconds during the 30-second video, giving ample time for the viewer to remember the name of the product.

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