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Mobile Monday: Big Game Apps & Immersive Experiences

Posted Feb 6, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at the top apps, app-based services, and other mobile-enabled immersive experiences to be promoted during the Super Bowl yesterday.

Mobile Strike
In the first quarter of the game, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared once again as the face of hit mobile title Mobile Strike. In accordance with the creative’s name “Arnold’s One Liners,” the ad featured a series of Schwarzenegger’s iconic catch phrases, beginning with “I’m back”.  Characteristic of MZ’s style, the spot is full of live action with key UI elements overlaid to allude to the in-app experience.

Xfinity X1
Banking on the fact that an increasing number of people prefer to watch their favorite shows on their mobile devices — a trend that aligns with the consumer survey we released last week — Comcast appeared in the third quarter with an ad promoting its Xfinity X1 service. The ad featured people watching shows and movies across a myriad of devices throughout the day.

In the fourth quarter, another mobile game was featured: Evony. As the ad begun, it wasn’t immediately clear if it was for a new movie, a period show, or something else. However, as the opening dramatic sequence gives way to a wider shot of battle, the copy “Let your reign begin” lets the viewer know that this is a story that they have control of. The copy is repeated aloud as the narrator announces that Evony is indeed a mobile game.

The 30 second spot that aired during the game was:

However, the publisher has since released a longer, 2 minute cut that provides much more storyline and context. while it’s more of a cinematic trailer than a traditional mobile game ad, it is captivating nonetheless. That extended cut is below:

24 & VR
Drawing on the growing popularity of mobile devices, Samsung Mobile USA teamed up with the FOX show 24 to garner excitement both for the Gear VR and the launch of the 24: Legacy season. The ad creative cut between shots of people wearing VR devices, footage the experience itself, and shots from the show. The result? Truly captivating:

Avocados from Mexico
While not an ad for a mobile app or device, the Avocados from Mexico ad in the first quarter did offer a nod to mobile behavior: a member of a secret society can’t help but to live stream the meeting from his phone.

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