Creative Showcase: Dragon Mania Legends

Posted Feb 17, 2017

In this week’s creative showcase, we are taking a look at how mobile publisher Gameloft is winning over users with their endearing mobile video ad for Dragon Mania Legends.

Why It Works
Beyond bursting at the seams with cute graphics, this ad creative is successful for a number of important reasons, which are as follows:

Prominent characters. As the objective of the campaign is to elicit positive emotional reaction from the viewer to foster brand affinity and entice an install, the prominence of the characters in this creative was key.

Variation in motion. To maintain interest and keep the viewer’s eyes moving across the screen, the story arc contains four unique scenes that have varied camera motion. At first, the camera tracks right to keep the characters centered as the fly. Next, the camera tracks forward to once again follow the characters as they approach their destination. After this, the camera falls back as a character comes toward the screen. Finally, the camera tracks right to reveal the wide array of characters & activities.

Minimal & impactful copy. Understanding that users may not have their sound on, this ad leverages just enough copy to explain the key hook of the app without distracting from the scene. By animating the text as 3D elements that move naturally within the scenes, the copy is easily noticed and read without becoming an annoyance.

To get the viewer mentally engaged, the first copy shown is the simple question, “what’s more fun than a dragon?” A few seconds later, the ad responds, “an island full of them.”

As the camera tracks across a scene full of dragons having fun, “you can never have too many dragons” appears on the screen, alluding to one of the key features of the app experience: collecting and raising dragons.

About the App
Dragon Mania Legends is a simulation game that has amassed over 9 million installs since its release in early 2015. Within the app, users build their own custom island environments where they raise dragons. Single-player storyline objectives keep users motivated while social features keep them engaged.

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